12 November 2011

Lexmark considered evil

Right, you'll tell me, they make printers, what was I expecting? Well, I stumbled on this only today: I can't print a black/white-only document using my Lexmark S600 if the colour cartridges are low. There is no technical justification for this. Black/white printers have been printing black/white documents for many years without needing colour cartridges. A Lexmark S600 could do the same. But Lexmark clearly cares less about you than about its bank account.

I'd love to say, never buy a Lexmark again, but I don't know of another manufacturer that's less crappy. Suggestions welcome.


  1. Don't expect more from Canon, even though they are an anagram of Conan: same dumb limitation :// (I own a MP600 and a S650)

  2. Thanks for that, FnZ

  3. Try a b&w laser printer from Samsung, small , quiet worth 50€ with a 1000 copy cartridge included


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