07 June 2023

UK judge officially authorises Stamping on Minority People's Heads

From an article in the Reading Chronicle :

[the victim] was left with a shoeprint mark on her face after a teenager kicked and punched her at her hotel room in Reading. Connor Young has narrowly avoided jail time after assaulting the victim at a hotel in Oxford Road on April 15, 2021.

The article makes a big deal of the victim's identity, but the judge, one Emma Nott, helpfully points out that the same considerations apply "whether [the victim is] gay, transgender, a different race or religion". Presumably, if the victim was a little bit more normal, like straight cisgender white C of E male for example, she might have had to take sentencing guidelines more seriously.

The fine article does not, unfortunately, explain how the judge was persuaded to give Connor a chance, all we can say is that he had grown and matured emotionally, after having stamped on his victim's head, and he left the court in floods of tears with his fiancée. Perhaps Emma might suggest that angry young men find some appropriate people to attack, as a form of therapy?

So if you're in the UK and in the mood for beating people up, make sure your victim is in one of Emma's minority target groups, make sure you regret it real hard afterwards, see if you can get Emma to try you, and you can enjoy a nice dinner with your partner the same evening once you're done crying.