28 September 2010

Stuck for an idea?

If you're a developer with an entrepreneurial bent and don't have access to a real flesh-and-blood business/marketing type, don't worry, these kinds of resources are becoming progressively more and more automated. Here are two to get you started:

The Startup Idea Generator will give you great, buzzword-compliant mission statements such as "Synthesize wireless bandwidth consistently through peer-to-peer AJAX-tagging communities," "Harness robust users in conjunction with crowdsourced android tagging sites," "Implement global infrastructures using venture-backed social media-tracking relationships." You can't possibly lose!

Wait, what does your startup do? will help you hone your elevator pitch and optimize your marketing strategy by leveraging your next-generation wireless browser investments. "So, Basically, it's like a ..."

  • Database Abstraction Layer For The Army!
  • Eco-Friendly Marketplace For Social Outcasts!
  • iPhone App For Ex-Girlfriends!
  • Match.com for Pets!

But don't take my word for it, go see for yourself. It's like an optimizer for your spare time!

Thanks @peignoir for sharing itsthisforthat

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