26 March 2009

Open Coffee Club Paris: For Sale

Open Coffee Club, Paris, 26 March 2009

A dude is making a speech about legal issues for startups. I don't like this. I come to OCC for peer-to-peer networking, not go get lectured at. This is hijacking an open, social event to allow one person dominate and control the discussion. Not only that, but my conversation was interrupted! This wastes my time, because I am deprived of the ability to choose the people I want to converse with. I expect to meet people either because they are interesting or their service is useful to me. I have no respect for a dude who has effectively bought* OCC as a platform to market his services, and I have no respect for an OCC willing to sell itself in this way.

Some people are politely paying attention. Others look bored and are wondering when this abuse will be over. And I have nobody to talk to :((

* "bought" in the moral sense. I have no idea how the dude in question obtained authority to hijack the group.

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