10 March 2009

Ban Censorship Now!

An Irish ISP, eircom, has agreed to ban any website the IRMA (Irish Recorded Music Association) chooses to block.

I had thought censorship was one of those nasty deals you get in China and Iran, but now it's thriving in Ireland. Please support http://blackoutireland.com/ even if you're not Irish. I hate to fearmonger, but this is coming to an ISP near you, wherever you are, in the near future if it's not stopped now.

Personally, I'm not interested in illegal music (my musical preferences aren't the kind that go with P2P), but it is not acceptable for a private corporation to decide what sites I may or may not use. Now I just feel all icky and horrible when I enter a music store. All those shiny CDs are whispering "censorship, censorship" at me.

Go and prosecute the criminals, leave the rest of us alone!

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