15 January 2009

On the Latest Intellij

I downloaded Intellij 8 the other day and as usual it was full of wonderful goodies:

  • Freemarker support, at last - syntax colouring, and freemarker stacktrace navigation from the console: awesome! [UPDATE] and navigation between templates included with the #include directive
  • Git support, at last!
  • Better javascript syntax highlighting
  • Hibernate: uses reverse-data-flow to find some strings which will become HQL queries, and highlights appropriately. Wow. I mean: wow, that must have been hard work, especially for something that isn't really all that essential ...
  • Little "close" button on each tab (the way web browsers do it), so I don't have to right-click and choose "close tab" any more. This is great. One of those little details.
  • Recognises associated source code when I update a dependency and its source - which I do a lot because some code for some projects is split into a separate project. Previously it would get all confused and not find the source any more.
I'm sure there's heaps more stuff, this is just what I noticed from the subset of features I use daily. Still missing:
  • Option to silence "Open in new frame" dialog when opening a new project. This is really annoying: most annoying dialogs come with a "don't ask this again" option - but not this one. Go away, pesky dialog!
Anyway, bravo, jetbrains.

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