17 November 2008

risible-db: database migrations in java: release 0.2

It is with joy and delight that I announce risible-db-0.2, our beloved risible migrations project, now with support for Oracle!

Risible-db is an ultra-simple database schema migration utility, not as fancy as Rails, you just write plain SQL (really, how many times do you change DB vendor mid-project and think "wow, it's lucky we used a platform-independent DB abstraction layer!" ?). By convention, it looks for SQL scripts in the migrations subdirectory of your WEB-INF directory, and will execute any that have not previously been executed.

So the only reason it needs Oracle support is to create the initial migrations table.

Usage has changed little, this is how to configure it with Spring (you can imagine the equivalent java code) -

<bean id="migrations" class="risible.db.WebInfMigrations" init-method="start">
  <property name="dataSource" ref="mysqlDataSource"/>
  <property name="migrationTableName" value="migrations"/>
  <property name="migrationTable">
    <bean class="risible.db.MySqlMigrationTable"/>

The migrationTable property specifies the db-specific table creation strategy. You can use risible.db.MySqlMigrationTable, risible.db.OracleMigrationTable, or roll your own implementation of risible.db.MigrationTable - a one-method interface whose implementation creates a table if necessary.

download here!

Enjoy, and let us know how it works for you ...

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