17 July 2008

Urssaf considered harmful

Urssaf is a big government body in France that collects money. I don't know what this money is for, but they send nasty letters threatening legal action if you don't pay.

Urssaf sucks in more ways than I can list.

Today (17th July), however, we received what we thought was an opportunity for vengeance. A customer satisfaction survey. We started crossing all of the "not satisfied at all" boxes in heavy black ink. And then noticed on the cover letter: "Please return this form before the 11th of July 2008". Oops. And then noticed the postmark on the envelope: 10th of July 2008

I bet there is some damned smug pointy-haired manager in the bowels of Urssaf somewhere describing to his boss, through yellowing teeth and cigarette breath, as he strokes his balding head, his innocent surprise at how so few surveys were returned.

Merde, merde, and double merde.

If you can recommend a country that's not as completely broken as France, please leave a comment.

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  1. Hong Kong!! 16% flat rate tax, no VAT, not even on booze. Come here and work for me!!


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