16 January 2008

No Smoking - yes, really

I share Mike's enthusiasm for the success of the smoking ban in France, but it's a bit much to say of Paris that "Now it is truly civilized." There are still drivers. And dog poo.

But nonetheless, it's true, this is a major step towards 21st-century, first-world civilisation. Halfway through an excellent meal à la biche au bois with Nick and colleagues I suddenly realised that I hadn't noticed the air! In stark contrast to the pre-2008 situation, where it took quite some adaptation to notice anything but the air ...

A guy at the next table pulled out a cigarette and lighter and joked to his friends that there were no police around. I looked at him and luckily he changed his mind, he would have been on the undesirable end of an aveda kedavra :))

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