17 December 2007

even more connected!

So in the space of one evening, just when I thought I was getting no more Plaxo invitations, Spock pops into my inbox with no less than three invitations. (Ok, so if you got thirty or three hundred, I'm a loser, big deal. At least my friends are real :))

What's Spock??? Another social networking platform? Kind of, but instead of a profile you have a "search result", and you get to vote on it, and you get to vote on bits of other people's "search results". It seems you can also make up arbitrary lies about people, but doing so risks reducing your "Spock Power". Oh dear, better avoid making up arbitrary lies.

One major gripe: I've accepted all three Spock Trust invitations, but I haven't figured out how to reciprocate. Why does this need to be difficult? Am I not Web 2.0-compliant enough?

And, I'm not giving you my linkedin password, or my gmail password, or any other password for that matter. So please stop asking!

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